When you purchase a vehicle at Liberty Subaru you get an exceptional peace of mind. Every vehicle, pre-owned or certified pre-owned, undergoes a rigorous comprehensive inspection. We ensure it meets our standards before entering the lot. If it does not meet our standards it is replaced or fixed. If it cannot meet our standards it is not sold at Liberty Subaru. We treat every vehicle as if it were one of our own.

Listed below, is the extensive inspection process. These steps are carried out thoroughly on every pre-owned and certified pre-owned model.

Section A

VIN Number                                            

Dealer Name                                           

Dealer Code                                                                                

Inspector Name                                       

Date of Inspection                                   

Stock Number                                         

Model Year                                              



Original Warranty Start Date                   

Immobilizer Key Code                             

·        Perform coverage inquiry check

·        All vin plates match (Door jambs, dash and engine)

Section B

·        Two sets of keys/remotes

·        Owner's Manual in Glove compartment

·        Warranty and Maintenance Booklet in Glove compartment

If anything is noted as missing in section 'B' date replacements ordered:

Item 1____________ Date Ordered _____________

Item 2____________ Date Ordered _____________

Item 3____________ Date Ordered _____________


Section C

·        Carfax History Report Attached?

Carfax indicates clean Title (no total loss, Lemon Law, etc.)

Note- If not a clean title, or if being sold with a retail disclosure, is not qualified as a Subaru Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle.

Section D

·        A - Turbo models only: CID/CVN numbers from Techline:_______

Match? If 'no' stop here. Vehicle cannot be certified.


Inspect vehicle for non-OEM parts. Vehicle must be returned to stock if non-OEM (non-performance enhancing) parts are evident.

Is the vehicle stock?

If 'N', not parts to be replaced on a separate sheet attached for the customer. Any modifications that cannot be returned to stock disqualify the vehicle.

Note: Nearest scheduled maintenance must be performed if within 3 months or 2,500 miles of service interval or if no record of service exists.

If 'Y', note which service will be performed:

Section E

·        Verify service plug is in holder

·        Check active grill shutter operation

·        Check operation of start/stop system

·        Verify MFD shows battery charging

·        Check pedestrian approach system

·        Check battery cooling fan and duct

Section F


1A. Inspect and replace if damaged. Are all tires the same size/manufacturer (tread pattern): Check tire pressure, tread depth, same orientation, condition and meet OEM Speed and load rating

1B. Tires have at least 5/32 tread left:
2. Check spare/Mobility Kit
3. Check tool kit (all tools in kit)
4. Check jack

If 'N' note tires, tools, jack ordered ____________________

Vehicle Exterior (note body panel needing repair)
5. Check Section 'D2': repairs performed correctly
6. Check body panels (scratches through paint to primer must be repaired)
7. Check scratch free (scratches exceeding 1")
8. No holes/cracks in body and/or bumpers
9. Check paint. No chips larger than 1/4'', no more than two chips (any size) per panel
10. Rust free exterior
11. Check door jams, rocker panels, hinges rust free, open/close smoothly-all doors
12. Ding/dent free (none greater than 1/2" per body panel)
13. Check windshield (no chips/cracks)
14. Check side and rear glass (crack/chip free)
15. Check wiper arms (front and back)
16. Replace wiper blades (CPO requires replacement front and back

17. Rear seat fold/rear center arm rest

18. Check all door/window seals (excessive wear/damage)
19. Check headlight lenses/covers
20. Check tail light lenses/covers
21. Check fuel door operation
22. Check fuel cap/fuel cap operation
23. Check hood release operation
24. Head light function (all settings), headlight alignment
25. Tail light function/brake lights
26. Emergency/fog lights /turn signals, hazards
27. Check turn signals (front & rear)
28. Check parking lamps
29. Check license plate lamps
30. Check brake and high mount stop lamps
31. Check reverse lamps

Interior Inspection
32. Ignition on, check chime
33. Ignition "ON"/check dash warning lights/gauges
35. Turn "ON" rear defogger/check indicator
36. Check heat/ac controls on all settings
37. Check for any abnormal smells/odors from vents
38. Check/replace cabin air filter
39. Check all vent operations (with heat or AC)
40. Check AV inputs, rear AC
41. Check headlight/cruise control/wiper stalk operation
42. Check odometer/trip settings
43. Check dash illumination control and display
44. Check Navigation System
45. Check head light leveler operation
46. Check Power Outlet
47. Turn headlights "off", check bulbs
48. Turn "ON" hazard flashers
49. Set clock
50. Check steering lock/tilt/telescope
51. Check steering wheel cover, dash cover, SRS Covers
52. Sound horn
53. Check power window operation (driver's master control, each individual control)
54. Check door locks (drivers master controls, each individual control)
55. Check mirrors (side view and rear view along with adjustment controls)
56. Check sunroof operation
57. Check sunroof seals/gaskets/drains
58. Check headliner (clean, no burns, tears, abnormal wear)
59. Check both sunvisors (operation, stow clips, mirrors/vanity lights)
60. Check Map/Dome lights
61. Check radio/CD player (including all speakers/set stations), DVD player/headsets, Bluetooth, set SiriusXM to demo mode
62. Check reverse lock out and back-up camera
63. Shift transmission to reverse/set parking brake check adjustment if necessary
64. Check clutch/brake pedal free play
65. Check seat belt chimes/warning lights
66. Check seat belt materials (fraying/twisting
67. Check for proper movement and operation of driver's seat (all settings)
68. Check driver seat materials (clean, no burns, tears, abnormal wear)
69. Check passenger seat movement and operation (all settings)
70. Check passenger seat materials (clean, no burns, tears, abnormal wear)
71. Sit in passenger seat to check airbag On/Off and passenger seatbelt warning light.
72. Check front carpet and floor mats (clean, no burns, tears, abnormal wear, floor mat clips in place.
73. Check front cup holder(s)
74. Check cold weather package operation (heated seats, mirrors, and windshield)
75. Check rear seat materials (clean, no burns, tears, abnormal wear)
76. Check rear seatbelts (fraying, tears, abnormal wear)
77. Check rear cupholder(s)
78. Check child safety locks
79. Check LATCH systems (anchors and belts)
80. Check fuel filler release
81. Check power outlet(s)
82. Check trunk release
83. Check rear defogger (warm)
84. Check for DTC using Select Monitor/clear memory if necessary
85. Check steering column parking lamp switch operation
86. Check DCCD display and manual mode operation, "Reset to Automatic Mode"
87. Check security system
88. Check door entry lights
89. Check puddle lights/interior illumination

Before Road Test (cold engine)
90. Check primary and secondary hood latch operation
91. Check radiator and cap
92. Check coolant level and condition
93. Check all hoses and clamps (condition)
94. Check air filter
95. Check drive belt tension and condition
100. Check power steering fluid (fluid level and clean)
101. Check brake fluid (fluid level and clean)
102. Check clutch fluid
103. Fill windshield washer fluid
104. Check Transmission Fluid
105. Check (mounting, and ground straps)
106. Clean battery cables
107. Complete Midtronics Battery Test
108. Remote starter operation (must be SOA)

Note: Any items with a check 'N' must be repaired/replaced prior to this vhiecle being offered as a Subaru Certified Pre.Owned. Attach related repair order documenting repair(s)/replacement(s).

Raise Vehicle / Vehicle on Lift


109. Check wheel, wheel cover, trim and lug nuts. (Damage free)
110. Check brakes (rotors, and calipers for specified parameters)
111. Check brake pads (50% or more left on pad)
112. Check wheel cylinders, Brake Master Cylinder
113. Check axle seals
114. Check lug nut torque
115. Check for fluid leaks
116. Check complete exhaust system
117. Check steering linkage
118. Check struts
119. Check axles, check CV Boots
120. Check bolts/bushings/fasteners
121. Check front and rear differential fluid level and top off
122. Check for other fluid leaks/damage

Lower Vehicle Road Test
123. Check that the TPMS warning light is not on
124. Check engine performance (cranking, idle, accel., unusual noises, etc.)
125. Check transmission performance and warning lights
126. Check clutch operation
127. Check clutch safety switch operation
128. Check steering wheel alignment and performance (return, free play, tracking)
129. Check Eyesight System
130. Check wheel balance (absence of vibration)
131. Check brake operation, noise, vibration
132. Check turn signal operation and cancellation
133. Check cruise control operation
134. Check vent/heater/A/C operation
135. Check squeaks, rattles, vibrations, wind noises and other unusual noises
136. Check tachometer alarm operation (reset to "00" when finished)
137. Check Hill Holder operation
138. Check VDC off switch
139. Check all keys, keyless entry, pushbutton start

Post Road Test
140. Parking brake operation
141. Check emissions as required by state or local laws
142. Recheck coolant, power steering and ATF levels
143. Recheck DTC & remove Select Monitor
144. Check for unusual smells
145. Check any fluid leaks under hood

Detail and Final Preparation
146. Engine compartment
147. Trunk/cargo area
148. Interior
149. Exterior (Including decal removal)
150. Glass
151. Door sills and jambs
152. License plates and frames

Required Technician Signature

I certify that all mechanical items have been inspected.


SUBARU TRAINED TECHNICIAN                                              DATE


Required Manager Signature

I certify that all mechanical repair standards have been met.


SERVICE MANAGER                                                                  DATE     


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